"Clinically predictive preclinical efficacy testing services at your disposal"

Jussi Halleen - CEO, Pharmatest Services

Radiopharmaceuticals testing expertise

Pharmatest has tested efficacy of radiopharmaceuticals in preclinical efficacy models since 2010. Pharmatest has performed a large amount of studies and acquired special expertise in testing α-emitters such as Ra-223, Ra-224 and Th-227. Many of these studies have been published in highly ranked scientific Journals and as poster presentations in leading scientific events. Below you can find some selected publications from studies performed at Pharmatest:

-          Juzeniene et al. 2018 Ra-224 in breast cancer bone metastasis model

-          Suominen et al. 2017 Ra-223 in prostate cancer bone metastasis models

-          Suominen et al. 2013 Ra-223 in breast cancer bone metastasis model

Our modernly equipped laboratories have been certified by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authorities in Finland, and we have licenses for handling radioactive materials in our laboratory. We can label your radioactive compounds for example with antibody conjugates, and confirm the labeling efficiency with basic methods.

Many of our routinely used techniques such as hematology, serum biomarker analysis and histology can be performed with radioactive samples. We can take care of the shipment of your compound, and we can also arrange the shipment of radioactive samples collected during the study to our clients for further analysis.