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MARCH 26, 2015

Pharmatest Services Ltd published new scientific cancer review article

Pharmatest Services Ltd has published a new scientific review article “Importance of microenvironment in preclinical models of breast and prostate cancer”. The article was written in collaboration with University of Turku and published in “World Journal of Pharmacology” after invitation from the Journal.

Pharmatest Services Ltd (Pharmatest) is a contract research organization that offers preclinical efficacy services for the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of oncology and skeletal diseases. In oncology, Pharmatest is experienced with clinically predictive orthotopic and metastasis models, and especially models of bone metastasis.

Pharmatest decided to accept invitation of the Journal because it is our mission to reduce the amount of drug candidates failing in clinical trials. The majority of cancer drugs entering clinical trials fail to reach the market due to poor efficacy, and Pharmatest wanted to highlight the importance for using correctly selected clinically predictive preclinical efficacy models to improve the situation.

The review article is an open access publication, and you can find a link to it and other publications of Pharmatest here. If you would like to discuss the article or the preclinical efficacy models of Pharmatest with our representatives, click here.